HaxeUI is an open source project and will always be free and public. There are various ways that you can contribute to it in order to keep its quality and momentum:

Supporting HaxeUI via patreon can help to keep up its quality and momentum! Donations are, of course, hugely appreciated!

Support via Patreon

  • File bugs - Bugs are a natural part of the development cycle, filing bugs can help to speed up testing and an make sure that HaxeUI is a good as it can be. Bugs can be filed here. Please try to be as descriptive and clear as possible, preferably with a concise code sample to reproduce the problem. (Note you will need a GitHub account)

  • Submit changes - Pull requests with fixes, updates, etc are always more than welcome! You can submit a pull request here. Note that there is no guarantee that a pull request will be accepted. Its left to the discretion of the source owner. (Note you will need a GitHub account)

  • Get in contact - Its always great to hear what you're doing with HaxeUI and how you're using it. Feel free to get in contact at If you have any screens of projects you're working on then they might make it to the projects section of the wiki!